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Lilypads Creations looks at a strand of yarn as the beginning of a unique rug story. We start with an idea, a design, and thread. We transform this idea into a finished rug for the perfect home or business space.

We begin the rug designing process by collaborating with the client. Together, we envision how each rug should look and feel. Whether we are producing one rug or hundreds, our focus is to listen and accomplish the distinctive design needs of each project.

Once we have our vision, we turn the page to producing the rug. Our extensive experience and diverse resources lead us to the best manufacturer for each project. Lilypads considers the design, fibers, budget, time frame, and construction when moving onto the production phase.

Lilypads places the highest value on environmentally and socially responsible business practices. We are involved in educational programs for the production staff and their families at several of our manufactures. Our materials are from environmentally sustainable sources.

Whether the rug is a simple texture, a specific color, or an elaborate design, we can produce it. We believe each of our customer’s unique needs deserve exceptional attention from start to finish. We look forward to delivering an exquisite custom area rug for your design story. 

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